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Gym Floor Inspectors, LLC.

Who we are and What we provide

Gym floor inspectors was founded in 2004 when Floyd Shelton sold Superior floor company. Superior floor company which was one of five Maple floor Manufacturers flooring mills at that time. After the company was sold, Floyd decided to fill a much needed service for totally INDEPENDENT, impartial, third party forensic gym floor investigator.

What started out as a concept, had developed into our main service, Forensic investigation. When an Owner, Architect, General Contractor is not satisfied with the function, appearance, or any other problem with the gym floor, and can not get any cooperation from the gym floor contractor, call Gym Floor Inspectors. We have inspected, analyzed, and solved approximately 100 gym floor problems in the past 10 years. Each on site inspection, is followed up with a detailed written report of our findings along with a recommend solution.

Another area we have morphed into is helping Architects, write their Gym Floor specifications and making sure all products are equal to all manufacturers. Our past experience enables us to analyze the manufacturers specifications to insure every contractor is bidding truly equal products. We also can help in analyzing the bids for accuracy of the bids when received and help pick the lowest competent bidder. We can walk you through each step of the installation process ensuring quality for decades to come.

We have also worked for architects and general contractors to keep the flooring contractor honest and make sure they provide the specified product. We can have numerous site visits to keep the flooring contractor on track without any short cuts that might lead to a failed floor after the warranty expires. Gym Floor Inspectors can

If all else fails, Gym Floor Inspectors qualifies as an expert witness, and has done so on several occasions. Gym Floor inspectors will help any party involved in litigation, to analyze the problem, and express an opinion, both in writing and or in a court of law.

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